As recently shared by our sister company Mistoria Estate Agents, Nationwide building society has named Manchester as the UK city with the strongest house price growth in 2013, with property values up 21% over the year, beating London.  With almost all property market analysts acknowledging that 2014 is set to be a year of growth for houses prices, it seems now is the time for sellers to emerge again after almost 7 years of recession in the shadow.

If you have property that you’d like to sell, the opportunity is knocking on your door!  The market has never been better in the North West so whether you’re buying or selling now is the time.

To really take advantage of the good condition of the real-estate market, why don’t you give your property a facelift and to ensure you get the most of it?  By carrying out renovation and maintenance jobs on your property its value will increase meaning you will ultimately get a better profit out of it.

The thought of carrying out a renovation project on your house can be daunting.  As well as the skill and craftsmanship involved in ripping out, installing, wiring, fitting, plumbing and securing things correctly, there’s also the issue of compliance.  There can be lots of legal requirements that need to be adhered to as well. This process, and stress levels, can be made easier if you employ professionals.  And why have many when you can have one?  At Mistoria, we have a team of dedicated, qualified and experienced tradesmen who will have your new bathroom fitted, extension built or loft conversion completed in no time.  All to the highest standard and most importantly, inline with regulations.

Mistoria property visits 086 IMG_1005When it comes to selling a property first impressions are very important.  That’s why good interior decoration is important.  Prior to selling you should tailor the design of your home to the market, not for your own taste.  Keeping things simple and neutral will help buyers to imagine how their own things will fit in the space.

Be sensible when setting a budget for your renovation and maintenance work.  You shouldn’t spend a fortune but don’t cut corners either. It’s important to find the balance between price and quality.  It’s easy to get carried away buying cheap fixtures and fittings but in the end they are not worth.  The key to increasing your property’s selling potential is to keep the property fresh and bright so stick to quality fittings with a neutral finish and use a few key accessories to introduce colour.

Remember, investing in your property and bringing it up to a high standard before selling it is not a waste of money.  It will pay off by allowing you to negotiate a better selling price.  Mistoria Renovate, Furnish and Maintain will take care of your renovation project from beginning to end including all the legal paperwork it will require.  Call us today on 0800 500 3015 or contact us via our website with any questions about your project, we’d be happy to help.