Do you have a derelict second house or have you recently inherited a property from a relative?  If you do, don’t look at them as a loss of money but the opposite.  After a good renovation, these ‘old’ properties can be transformed into modern Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMOs) for students and professionals, that will earn you a great extra income.

At Mistoria RFM we specialise in this kind of renovation.  On average, our team can turn a worn-out property into a student-ready HMO in just 6-10 weeks.  From full-scale renovation work, including structural and building work to fitting kitchens and bathrooms, rewiring, plumbing, plastering and tiling, our service will leave you with a high-end product that’s ready to start earning you money.

As an example, this is one of the properties that our team are doing up in Salford at the moment.  In a matter of weeks they have ripped out the floors, old bathroom and kitchen suites, put up new particition walls to create an extra room, over hauled the electrics and the property is now ready to be decorated and the finishing touches added.

If you have a property that needs renovating to start earning you money, why don’t you call us today on 0800 500 3015 or contact us via our website with any questions about your renovation project?  We’d be happy to help.