Renovation advice to revitalise your tired property

Is your New Year’s resolution to tackle your tired/un-used properties and give them the kiss of life? Mistoria Renovations is providing a top tips guide on how to make a house a home. Here are the top tips on how you can achieve this:

Renovation advice to revitalised your property

Renovation advice to revitalise your property

Plan ahead

Before you take the first steps in any renovation project it is vital that you plan ahead. Getting plans of the proposed work done by a professional is a good way to show the workers what exactly is required and expected of them. This also opens up an opportunity to receive an expert opinion from the surveyor/architect who may highlight unforeseen issues that could cost you money in the long term.

Monitor progress

Throughout the project it is essential that you closely monitor the work of the contractors ensuring that they meet the agreed targets whilst maintaining a high level of work to achieve the best standards, otherwise they may become lethargic with their works and prolong the duration of the project extending the completion date which could also cost you more money in the long term.

‘Wow’ factor

Adding a wow factor or a unique selling point to your renovation is a very good way of attracting extra interest in to your property when you come to sell it. This is a feature that draws people in and gives the property personality, for example this could be as simple as a view or possibly a fireplace which could give off the feeling that it is that heart of the home.


Senior Project Manager at the Mistoria Group, Cassim Kaaba, has almost 10 years’ experience in the renovation, maintenance and refurbishment industry, enabling him a very unique understanding of both aesthetic design and practical solutions.  Each month, he will be providing sound information and guidance on how to problem solve, make your ‘design pound’ stretch further and achieve the very best results from your own development.

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