With a sudden break in the recent heatwave to heavy downpours causing flash floods in several parts of the UK, you might have felt that stinging reminder that extreme weather is a potential threat to your property. If you haven’t already, perhaps it might be worth taking some simple steps toward protecting against floods.

Flooding  is seen as an increasing problem around the world, owing mainly to freak weather conditions and poor planning. In recent years, the UK has seen some of the worst floods on record, highlighting a major concern to home owners, insurers and investors.

Just this week the government has advanced new plans to alleviate the cost of flood damage to insurers by allowing them to pool insurance to spread the costs.

Every property owner knows that wise investment is key – fix the roof while the sun’s out, as they say. If your property is at risk of flooding, as increasingly, more and more are, the cost benefits of taking steps to prevent damage are undeniable.

In any case, cleaning up your home and making repairs after a traumatic event is bound to be stressful. By actively fortifying your home, you can radically reduce the chances of long stays in hotels or with relatives.

It is commonly agreed that it’s impossible to completely ‘flood proof’ a property, short of air-lifting it to higher ground. However, there are certain measures that can be taken to mitigate potential threats to your home or business.

We all put so much of ourselves into our properties, and for that reason it’s not worth leaving anything to chance.

We’re here to help you protect your property. Or, should the worst happen and your property becomes flooded, we can offer support to help salvage and clean up the damage.

If you’d like to find out more about flood damage and whether you might be at risk, we’re happy to give information and advice.