Every project we undertake is carefully co-ordinated and managed using MS Project, a professional planning and management tool that assists in planning large scale and complex projects, whilst also serving as an accurate barometer that allows for performance monitoring of ‘real time’ construction activities, in addition to the allocation of resources in an efficient and timely manner. As all site activities are closely monitored, if any potential delays are identified, the software allows us to intervene and proactively take the necessary steps to ensure the project is recovered and is put back in track.

Weekly Progress Reports

Progress reports are compiled on a weekly basis, with all clients receiving regular reports on how the project is progressing, in addition to also being stored for clients to view on the Mistoria Renovations website. Weekly progress reports include:

  • General introduction to the condition of the property
  • Progress made on site for each and every work task that week
  • Baseline programmes/revised programmes of work along with the weekly programme of scheduled work
  • Photographs documenting and demonstrating the progress made each week

Every client/investor is provided with their own personal log in details that allows them to access the specific details of how their renovation project is progressing on a weekly basis along with a current update status. This additional free service is provided to reassure clients that their investment is on track and on time.