Senior Project Manager at the Mistoria Group, Cassim Kaaba, has almost 10 years’ experience in the renovation, maintenance and refurbishment industry, enabling him a very unique understanding of both aesthetic design and practical solutions.  Each month, he will be providing sound information and guidance on how to problem solve, make your ‘design pound’ stretch further and achieve the very best results from your own development.

New Year Financial Hangover:

For many, the start of a New Year heralds a need for change and improvement.  For some, it is personal fitness, for others’, making their money stretch further.  The desire to renovate a home in the New Year is a common one and this can be a good time to take advantage of reduced prices.  For the savvy, refurbishing in January can save a considerable sum.  Here are our top tips on making changes on a budget:

budget renovation

– Following the festive season, many stores slash their prices to make space for new stock.  The majority of kitchen, bathroom and other DIY suppliers will offer New Year sales, with significant savings available.  Shopping around is key, with further discounts often available online.

– January is generally a quiet time for tradesmen and negotiating a good rate for labour can often be a perk of the winter months.

– Do ask for ‘stock rotation deals’.  If you are comfortable purchasing ‘end of line stock’ and not too worried about the latest designs, you will find this is usually very cheap and can add up to considerable overall savings.

– Painting more than one room the same colour is also a good way to economise.  When a retouch is required, you can use the same paint throughout.  Using just one colour also gives a sense of cohesion.

– The rising cost of energy bills is hot news, but there are small changes that can be undertaken that will make a big impact on your finances.  Swapping  bulbs to low energy or LED’s throughout your property, ensuring that your boiler is serviced regularly and making certain that radiators are  flushed so they work efficiently, are all great ways to make savings.  Good deals on loft insulation can also be found at retailers such as B&Q and Selco.


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