It’s what’s on the inside that counts, right?  Well yes of course, the inside of your home is what really matters, but, while it’s tempting to focus all of your efforts and budget on making it comfortable, don’t just leave the outside to the elements – bump up your curb appeal!

All of us are guilty, at some point, of putting off painting the front door or cleaning the gutters, and while day to day, these things don’t cause too much of a problem, it’s important to remember that they do have to be done.

The outside of your home says a lot about you, particularly when it’s on the market.  It’s difficult to capture everything that your property is, in an image for the estate agent’s window, but you want that image to be inviting and enticing.  There are few things more damaging to the curb appeal of a property than rotting window frames, overgrown gardens or damaged roofs.

The way you maintain the outside of your house is the way prospective buyers will perceive you maintain the inside, and that’s not just what you choose for wallpaper; a well presented exterior suggests the property is properly cared for and that there won’t be any nasty dry-rot surprises lurking under the kitchen floor-boards.

So make a day or two out of it over the summer.  A coat of varnish and a lick of paint can transform your doors and windows and clearing any unwanted moss or ivy from the walls will reassure passers by that the property is still lived in.

Having roof tiles replaced regularly is much cheaper than cleaning up after a collapse following an ongoing leak, especially when chimneys are involved.

Try and get into a good solid routine with the outside of your house – a bit like personal grooming; keep tending to those little problem areas every six months or so and try and do a complete service every two years.  Clean the windows often and do the garden once a month and the outside of your house should be in ship shape when it comes to putting it on the market.