Keeping up appearances – maintaining your curb appeal

It’s what’s on the inside that counts, right?  Well yes of course, the inside of your home is what really matters, but, while it’s tempting to focus all of your efforts and budget on making it comfortable, don’t just leave the outside to the elements - bump up your curb appeal! All of us are [...]

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The Mistoria Group commissioned to furnish 10 bedroom property!

The Mistoria Group are delighted to have been contracted by MSS Real Estate to furnish a 10 bedroomed property in Salford.  Mistoria have worked with MSS Real Estate on previous projects, providing the London-based property investment company with a full property investment service, ranging from the sourcing of potential assets and refurbishment, to the letting [...]

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Batten Down the Hatches! – Protecting Against Floods

With a sudden break in the recent heatwave to heavy downpours causing flash floods in several parts of the UK, you might have felt that stinging reminder that extreme weather is a potential threat to your property. If you haven’t already, perhaps it might be worth taking some simple steps toward protecting against floods. Flooding  is [...]

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Tips for your kitchen renovation project

This week, Property Wire posted a story announcing that the most popular housing renovation project is the kitchen.  So, we've provided some useful tips to help you make the most of your space... Don't overdo it!  If your kitchen is on the smaller side, an island will only make it look smaller.  As will patterned [...]

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The Mistoria Group will answer your SOS!

Being ‘left in the lurch’ by a builder who refuses to complete a job can be extremely problematic and is a situation, according to Mistoria, that can prove distressing and costly.  It exists in many cases, because builders simply ‘run out of steam’ – or money – and having encountered problems not anticipated, leave to [...]

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Re-modelling Monolo’s

Here at Mistoria, we are thrilled to reveal that we were recently selected to help with the renovation of up-and-coming restaurant,  Monolos.  The Manchester eatery has been described as a 'modern, fun and educational establishment', where adults can relax and enjoy good food, while the children can play safely.  Mistoria has been involved with many [...]

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Landlord Law

Becoming a landlord is possible without knowing all the law that goes along with it. But knowing landlord law is crucial to ensure that you don't lose out in the long term, having not fulfilled your responsibilities. So, here are a few points to consider about landlord law: The landlord is responsible for: Repairs to [...]

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Tax allowance on rented furnished properties – what rules apply?

HMRC describes a furnished property for tax reasons as, "one that is capable of normal occupation without the tenant having to provide their own beds, chairs, tables, sofa's and other furnishings.  The provision of nominal furnishings will not meet this requirement". There are very specific rules that apply to any rented furnished property, where the [...]

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Property Renovations

If you are considering undertaking some property renovations, perhaps improving your own home, or maybe an investment property that requires modernisation then we can offer our knowledge and experience to help you achieve this. There are many things to factor into your plans when doing this dependant upon the scope of the proposed property renovations. This could [...]

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