PRESS RELEASE – The Mistoria Group start development on unique student ‘village’ in Liverpool

Manchester based property investment company, the Mistoria Group, has today announced the launch of an exciting and unique student housing development in Liverpool.  Work will be commencing next week on the ‘Boaler Street Student Village’ project in Kensington, with refurbishment due for completion in June 2014, in preparation for the 2014/15 academic year. Comprising seven [...]

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Property maintenance: condensation – know your responsibilities

As the weather and the air turn colder and the central heating is turned up, condensation can become a problem for those involved in property maintenance. Condensation occurs where warm moist air is generated in kitchens and bathrooms for example.  When this warm air touches cold surfaces, it cannot hold onto all the extra moisture [...]

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Property maintenance – repairing your property after the storm

Last week Britain was battered by some of the worst weather since the Great Storm of 1987.  The latest storm called St Jude brought winds of up to 100 mph, generating over 115 flood alerts, power failures and causing hundred of trees to fall.   Southern England was the worse affected with at least 4 [...]

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Seasonal property maintenance: Exterior

So, your house is insulated and your boiler is serviced and in tip top condition to keep your family or tenants warm through the winter.  But what about exterior seasonal property maintenance.  Harsh weather conditions can damage the exterior elements of your home, and if the property becomes damaged externally, it puts it at risk internally. [...]

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Seasonal property maintenance: Your boiler

Continuing with our seasonal property maintenance series, this week we consider what the winter weather does to your boiler. A boiler inspection is highly recommended as the weather gets colder, and more heating is needed in the home. Should your boiler break down during this time, it would be incredibly difficult to manage until it [...]

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Seasonal property maintenance: Insulation

As the colder weather draws near, a quality level of insulation becomes increasingly important. Poor insulation coupled with bad weather - freezing temperatures, storms and snow - can not only put your property at risk but also the health of your family or tenants. If you find your home a little chilly towards the end [...]

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Furnishing your rental property

When investing in a buy-to-let property, it's important to consider what potential tenants will expect from their new home. Tenants who will not be settling down, such as students or freelance professionals, will be prepared to pay extra for a property that is furnished, and may even come to expect it. So, what furnishings are [...]

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PRESS RELEASE – ‘Half price call out fees for the rest of the year’ from Mistoria Maintenance’!

The maintenance division of Manchester based property investment company, the Mistoria Group, have today announced that they will be halving the cost of their emergency call out fees until 31 December 2013, for all those who take out maintenance contracts with them in the month of September.  The extraordinary move comes just one week following [...]

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PRESS RELEASE – September discounts on commercial renovation projects from ‘Mistoria Renovate’!

With the summer holidays soon drawing to a close, many business owners will be turning their attention to refreshing and revitalising their offices and place of employment.  Those working in retail will be starting to stock merchandise that reflects a new season.  In line with this, the renovation division of Manchester based property investment company, [...]

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